Upcoming Events

Kingdom Kids - Fall 2017

Hey kids, are you ready for an all new adventure with Jesus? We are excited to announce our Kingdom Kids Children's Church will now have their own service starting Sunday September 3rd. Yay!!! The service starts at 10:00am so be sure to arrive early to check in. Parents, you use the lower sanctuary entrance. There is plenty of parking down back and it gives you direct access to the lower sanctuary to check your kids in and pick them up after service.

Sean Feucht

The River and Mountain of Worship invite you to come out Friday September 8th at 7:00pm, to a very special regional service with Sean Feucht. Sean caries so many things that will stir your heart... worship... missions... love... hope... joy... Jesus!!! His intense missions adventures are like "sorties" of the Holy Spirit... sent in to completely bring regions and those in them to Jesus!

Power & Love New England

The River is helping to sponsor Power & Love New England, a four-day training event designed to provide hands-on training in sharing the love of Christ. Power & Love is a powerful time for you to develop a deeper understanding of your God-given identity and receive tools that empower you to reach the lost. At this event, you will discover the day-to-day adventure that God has for you as His son or daughter through inspiring teaching sessions and memorable outreach opportunities. Come experience the contagiousness of God’s spill-over love in ordinary, real-life settings and gain confidence in God’s ability to use you to impact people everywhere you go!

Early bird Registration is only $40 for the entire event! Hurry, early bird registration ends September 6th! 

Featured speakers include Todd White, Tom Ruotolo, and Andy Byrd.

To learn more and to register, visit www.powerandlove.org/ne2017/

Contact Rev.Kev for car pooling info and questions.